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About Me

My name is Buster Neece. For over a decade, I have been a full-stack web applications developer, graphic designer, and general tech enthusiast.

For many years, I worked as part of the Information Technology team at Texas A&M University, where I supported more than 650 student organizations and their web sites.

From 2013 to 2015, I created and led Bravely Blue Media, a multinational convention videography company. Our flagship web site was later spun off into a standalone web radio management suite called AzuraCast, which I continue to maintain as free and open-source software today.

DASH Development is the name of the sole proprietorship where I conduct my business as an independent contractor.


Web Application Development

I am a Zend Certified Engineer with years of experience with business-class PHP and other popular web development languages. See my Code Demos for examples.

Web Design & User Experience

I'm also a web designer, with a large background in modern design techniques, including HTML5, CSS3, responsive web design, JavaScript/jQuery, and more.

Content Management Systems

Need help setting up your Drupal or Wordpress-powered content management system? I can help customize your site's design, recommend (or build) additional modules, and provide training to your users.

Specialized Technical Support

Even if your requirements don't fit any of the other items listed here, my broad expertise in technology can almost certainly be of use. Contact me with any specific needs.

Code Demos

GitLab Code Samples

This repository contains my personal code that I have developed as a self-employed contractor working under the name "DASH Development", as well as code I built for Bravely Blue Media LLC and during my time with Texas A&M University.


GitHub Code Portfolio

My GitHub primarily contains my work on AzuraCast and its related projects, as well as other contributions I've made to open-source software.


Contact Me

By E-mail

I greatly prefer to be contacted via e-mail if possible. You can reach me at the address below:

e-mail me

By Phone

I can be reached by phone at
(512) 808-0127